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Program Development

Is your program doing what it’s meant to? Is there a need in your community you want to fill? From strengthening long-standing programs to building new ideas into workable models, we can help.

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The Process

We start with your mission. Then we help you get clear on where community needs meet your organizational capacity and skills. Program design is a creative, iterative process. We use a variety of processes tailored to your organization. These may include asset mapping, needs assessments, logic models, target population identification, goal setting, evaluation planning, testing, and more.

Case Study:

Two long-standing youth development organizations merged. Their programs had similar goals and target populations but operated differently. A needs assessment revealed gaps in both models. We created a program committee to help get clear on program goals. Together, we took the best elements of both models and simplified and synthesized them. The new model worked well for the community. Best of all, the program improved its impact and results.

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what our clients say

We work with organizations of all sizes, from grassroots community groups to state-wide government agencies.

After fifteen years in the nonprofit sector, Kerri Drumm founded Purpose Aligned Consulting in 2014. She has experience on three continents, in two languages and on literally thousands of mission-driven projects and programs.