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Strategic Planning

Do you know where your organization is going? Do you need a plan for today, but flexible enough for tomorrow? Our plans focus on what matters: your mission and your people.

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Planning with Purpose

Our plans are built for the real world. We design processes to help groups understand where they are and provide tools to plan for the future. Effective strategic planning will help you move from reactive to intentional. Our process is rooted in creativity, engagement, and asking deep questions to get to deeper understanding. Don’t write another plan that sits on a shelf.

Case Study:

An art district had experienced massive growth. The organization had a patchwork of plans and so many creative ideas. They also had different stakeholders wanting different things, everything from improved parking to youth programs. We worked with local artists, businesses, and residents to understand where their needs aligned. We helped staff and the board get clear on their strengths. We shined a light on how growth had changed community desires. The final plan was responsive, clear, and positioned the organization to respond to growth.

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We work with organizations of all sizes, from grassroots community groups to state-wide government agencies.

After fifteen years in the nonprofit sector, Kerri Drumm founded Purpose Aligned Consulting in 2014. She has experience on three continents, in two languages and on literally thousands of mission-driven projects and programs.