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Grant Writing

Looking to increase your grant revenue? Outsource your grant writing to experts.

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grant writing

fundraising & Grant Writing

Grant writing can be daunting and time-consuming. Don’t get sidetracked in the details. We provide a variety of services designed to get you funded.

Grant Writing, Reporting and Management

We provide full service, customized grant and report writing. We create plans and tools for grant management.

Grant Prospecting and Research

We provide in-depth research and analysis to help you locate appropriate funders and grants.

Case Study:

Alex was a new ED. He was skilled at asking for money and oversaw an award-winning program. So he couldn’t understand why his organization kept getting denied for grants. PAC provided an audit of past grants and current processes. 

We helped find grants that were better aligned with Alex’s work. We improved his grant language to focus on the program’s impact. We also took on the heavy work of applying so Alex could focus on running the organization. Within one year they increased their grant revenue by 2800%!

what our clients say

We work with organizations of all sizes, from grassroots community groups to state-wide government agencies.

After fifteen years in the nonprofit sector, Kerri Drumm founded Purpose Aligned Consulting in 2014. She has experience on three continents, in two languages and on literally thousands of mission-driven projects and programs.